Who we are and how we work

Company GUROT s.r.o. provides comprehensive information technology services. We focus on information systems creation, data security and business process automation. Our primary and lasting goal is to provide our clients with functioning solutions that serve reliably no matter how complex the requirements are. We do not deliver recycled façade with a redesigned look, we create value-added products that enable our clients to pursue company development and business relationships. We know that nowadays it is necessary to prepare each client a proposal that fits exactly to their needs and therefore we approach each client with a clean sheet and only after mutual discussion and understanding of the requirements we will propose an appropriate solution of the given task.

  • We listen to the needs of our clients

    The first step in establishing cooperation is to understand the situation in which the client is and analyze the tasks he / she is solving in practice. Only then do we agree on the details of the solution and the timetable for implementation.

  • We realize fully individual solutions

    We pride ourselves on approaching every client with the intention of creating a tailor-made solution. It is our core added value and the cornerstone of our work that we rely on in our cooperation.

  • We always stand behind our work

    Software development and IT management are complex processes and unexpected complications may occur. If this happens, we will face the situation and resolve everything without delay and excuses.

  • We test with real users

    Our products serve not only the client but also his clients. It is therefore essential for us to communicate with the client and the order manager as well as with the end-users to whom the product will serve every day throughout the development process.

  • We know it doesn't end with deployment

    We want our products to be popular with users, to make their daily work easier and to know all the features. Therefore, we will train them before deploying the solution. We then support the client in cases where minor adjustments are required.

Information systems developement

Development and deployment of information system is a complex process. At the very beginning we therefore clarify with the client its requirements and ideas and together we think about possible solutions. We do not require the delivery of complete project documentation, but a general overview of what the client wants to achieve is an essential prerequisite for working together to complete the design. We will agree on which areas we will focus on and set partial goals that the new information system is to achieve. Based on this output, we will start working on the new information system.

The current trend is to develop information systems as web applications, which we, too, stick to. We build on modern technology, of course functionality on phones and other mobile devices. The advantage of such a solution is accessibility from anywhere and easy scalability of the web application - the information system can serve a few users, or hundreds or thousands, depending on the needs and capabilities of the client. We usually deploy information systems in the cloud or on the client's hardware infrastructure - it depends on the requirements for integration with other business systems, authentication, security, or legislation that the client must follow.

Why choose an information system from us?

  • We always create individual solutions tailored to the client's needs, you will not get recycled tinsel from us

  • We tailor the information system to your company's needs - it will do exactly what you need

  • We develop applications so that users are not lost, easy to use and understand their functions

  • We design our information systems with regard to security, only authorized users can access the data

  • We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure application functionality from devices of all sizes and formats

The information systems we develop represent a competitive advantage for our clients, which lies in the uniqueness and individuality of the solution delivered based on the needs of a particular client. We create information systems so that they are easy to use for users and at the same time meet high requirements for data security and legislative requirements. They enable them to focus on business processes, relationships within and outside the company. We deploy systems methodically and support users after they are deployed, as well as fine-tuning system functionality based on ongoing user feedback.

Access control and data security

In today's competitive business environment, data access security is a must. However, finding a reasonable balance between security and user-friendliness is essential to success. We design security policies for our clients and implement them according to their individual requirements, so that users do not unnecessarily deploy security policies, devote themselves to their work while the data is constantly under the control of the company. We try to avoid excessive restrictions that often encourage users to find shortcut solutions because security policies do not allow them to perform their work effectively.

We focus on securing data against misuse, both protecting against unauthorized access to data from outside the company and deleting sensitive data by company employees - whether intentionally or not. A typical solution is a combination of data access control, ie who and from which devices can open the data, combined with encryption that limits data handling. Therefore, the data can be opened and manipulated, but the user cannot fetch or copy it. If the user needs to transmit data for business reasons, they are encrypted again and retain the original access control. Another common element of protection is the difficulty of accessing data based on applications. It's about identifying selected software on desktop or mobile devices, and only that software can access business data. The goal of such a security policy is to prevent unwanted software from altering or damaging data - typically unauthorized third-party applications, viruses, or ransomware.

Why want to secure company data from us?

  • We determine security methods based on the requirements of a particular client and its internal processes

  • We can manage a wide range of devices, from desktops to tablets and mobile phones

  • We protect data so that only users from corporate devices can access it based on conditional access

  • We propose security rules to our clients, which are a sensitive compromise between security and user-friendliness

  • We make it difficult for viruses and malware to manipulate company data

Our approach to access and data security gives clients confidence in IT so they can focus on what matters to them in the business. We always strive to strike a balance between restrictive security and user-friendliness, so that users are not faced with unnecessary obstacles to their daily work and that security is as easy and automated as possible for them. At the same time, however, users are adequately informed about which barriers they can move and should not be, or are not strictly allowed to, outside of them.

Business processes automation

The rapid development of information technology in many companies can have a negative impact on its competitiveness in the segments in which it operates. It is not uncommon for workers to keep up with modern trends and are unable to take advantage of them - after all, it is not the job of theirs. The consequence may be rigidity in the procedures used and failure to realize that procedures can be simplified or fully automated. With the introduction of automated processes, employees do not have to devote time to routine matters. They can invest their time in meaningful work responsibilities and leave repetitive processes on modern information technology.

We come up with process automation proposals after a detailed consultation with the client. First of all, we want to understand in detail the procedures that have been working in the company for a long time and to understand the client's ideas or wishes, how these processes could be accelerated and streamlined. We will find a suitable solution that can take many forms - specialized web applications, use of third-party products or add-ons or macros in Microsoft Office. The solution is often necessary to build on the existing IT environment and software used in the company. This can have an impact on the chosen technology and form of automation. We discuss the outcome with end users who will use it in practice and who can provide us with ideal feedback.

Why want to automate processes from us?

  • We conduct a thorough analysis of existing procedures first and then propose solutions

  • We realize a wide range of tools, from server tasks, web applications to add-ons in Microsoft Office

  • We will not insist on developing unique solutions - if there is a suitable third-party solution, we will use it

  • We integrate process automation into existing IT and software infrastructure

  • We discuss and test the resulting automation with end users who will use it every day

Our process automation solutions free up hands and clients. We always design a solution with regard to the circumstances and individual needs of the client so that it works smoothly and fulfills its purpose. We know that it is often necessary to integrate the solution into the existing ecosystem, and we are preparing for it from the very beginning. The result is a product that end users will appreciate, like to use, and quickly get used to it after deployment. However, we automate processes with sensitivity and nonviolence.